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ooo i love it! haven't even started dress shopping but i know what you mean. i remember years ago not being able to settle for one PROM dress.. i'm definitely considering the cocktail/dancing dress for part of my reception though! i want to be able to really be comfortable & dance like crazy with my guests!

Cathy and David - Photographers

If I were getting married in Florida I'd be getting married in a t-shirt and shorts. :-D

Derby Day Bride

I couldn't agree more. I know we had this conversation the other day - "the one" for me is my fiance but I did pick one and only one of the many beautiful dresses I tried on. I picked it because it made me feel stunning, it's comfortable and everyone was speechless when I came out in it. So...I think it is a good choice. Plus, I totally want to put it on and hang out in it around the house - kind of like Phoebe and Rachel did in Friends! I don't want to wait until my first fitting!

Guilty Secret

It happened to me, I had that "the one" moment! But admittedly I never allowed myself to try anything out of my price range... perhaps I would have had more "the one" moments if I did but (luckily) I guess we'll never know.

Congrats on the move too :)

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