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I tend to say things without thinking when I'm nervous, so I'm definitely going to try to remain gracious on my big day. Thanks for the advice!

The Pissed Off Bride

"funny face" or not. . . I think you look great. This was a beautiful wedding. I loved how "crisp" everything was. So very pretty!

The Pissed Off Bride

O, almost forgot.

Thanks for the advice because I can make some strange faces and my fiance is an eye closer! I hope the engagement photo session will help iron out some of our kinks.

Photo Poster Blog

Well, you don't have to worry. It's just natural to get nervous on your wedding. I'm sure every bride would also feel the same way. You're article was nice! Thanks for sharing us your story of that special moment in your life!


I think this is good, practical advice.. my shoulders tense up and become raised towards my ears when stressed which makes me look a bit hunched and neck-less in photos!!
I will be trying to remember to relax my posture on the day!


wow. that's the best one yet beautiful wedding,anyway its natural to have an a nervous feeling when you got married. Thank you so much for posting you this. :)


Gift Registry

The funny thing about the photo when I look at it is that the face of the father of the bride was similar to my dad when he gave my sister away at her wedding last year.


Thanks for good advice! I have a lot of the same pictures! it's funny! But I think that it's natural reaction and you shouldn't worry about this pictures. They are individual!

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